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Being aware that education is the transformative energy of the human being, Carol Baur School, and Fundación Cultural Baur, NGO associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations with a Consultative Status with ECOSOC, have driven seven work programs that promote actions to respond to the needs of the sectors of the vulnerable population in the communities of the suburbs of Mexico City and Querétaro.

In the Social Service of the College Carol Baur, through Art, Culture, International Activities, Science, Technology and Sustainable Development a space for the new generations is provided, committed to reason and justice to the service of humanity; it works in favor of human rights with various educational activities through which children and young people are responsible for their society and the preservation of the planet.

Teachers, students and parents are cellular networks that multiply and form a committed system on the work of the programs by obtaining results that have impacted to the optimum integration of the individuals and their populations on the fringe, causing significant changes in the social, economic al and food areas, covering this way their physiological, emotional and cultural demands.

Take advantage of the environment and natural resources are a key factor in promoting the self-sustaining development, being their uses and customs the fundamental principle of respect and dignity to these local cultures.

Carol Baur School educates new generations committed to reason and justice to the service of the people and the preservation of the planet from 1970 until 2013.

Carol Baur School with the Baur System

The Baur System is a pedagogical method scientifically backed up, the practice of which allows knowledge to live, discover and enjoy learning and to promote action. It furnishes the best alternatives, experiences and didactic activities, with the purpose of stimulating the neuronal circuits in the brain, which is the organ in charge of cognition, emotions, creativity, memory and all kinds of permanent apprenticeship of students, to strengthen their emotional stability, thinking capacity, and the acting capacity to lead knowledge to the service of humanity.

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Carolina Baur Arenas 1903 - 1973

Founder of Colegio Carol Baur Schools


A Human Rights activist, mainly with marginalized children

Founder of

  • Daycare center “Héroes de Celaya” for the children of prisoner women.
  • The Action School
  • The Plastic Arts School as a means of rehabilitation in the Penitentiary Center for men, with the collaboration of Diego Rivera.
  • “Better Living Conditions” program for the prisoner women, becoming a model for the 4th Penitentiary Congress at Houston, Texas, USA.
  • “América Infantil” magazine rewarded by UNESCO General Director: Julian Huxley.
  • OMEP, PreSchool Education World Organization



Develops the project “Rights for the women’s vote".


Obtains Honorable Mention from the National Autonomous University of Mexico for the DECALOGUE OF THE MEXICAN CHILDREN RIGHTS , legally endorsed and rewarded with the Justo Sierra Medal.


Carol Baur School was founded which provides an education by objectives when designing interdisciplinary academic or transverse programs that enrich learning and takes advantage of knowledge to raise new hypotheses in favor of the humanity.


Selected for the "Global Atlas of United Nations Human Rights of the 20th Century".