Against famine

Collecting Provisions

PTA at Carol Baur School is in charge of sending food to the social institutions that we have supported for 20 years.

Educating children since their earliest years to be part of the change, through service activities, is a basic purpose of Baur System.

Carol Baur School permanently distributes food provisions to different institutions where children are given balanced meals to help them have a healthy growing.

Our Parents Board of Directors and students have had the opportunity to help families in extreme poverty. They bring these families hope for a better future reinforced in BAUR COMMUNITY service.

“To sow in the child’s soul the seed of a better tomorrow.”

Food Alternatives

Mushrooms in Mexico

An alarming problem worldwide that affects less fortunate people is the food crises that has presently been suffered all around the 5 continents, in some, the effect has been worse than in others and Mexico is, unfortunately, not an exception.

Project “Mushroom Growing (Pleurotus sp)” is a food alternative that does not require much space nor expensive materials.

These can be an excellent protein source and are low in fats, so they are an adequate food alternative for low income rural zones, and also urban zones, and to face the obesity problem.

Farming of Garden Snails “Helix aspersa”

Towards the objective that pupils live knowledge through scientific material and also, through their interest for science and technology and responding to the demand of the students at Carol Baur School to transform the world, during this school term the following research projects are going on:

“Growing of Garden Snails as a Food Alternative”

Through reproductive biology study and the ways for farming garden snails, we are searching a high-protein food alternative for urban and/or rural zones with restricted space.

Temperature conditions must be 25 to 28 Celsius Degrees and moisture is maintained with a water sheet.

National Awards

“2012 State Youth Prize”

Students at Carol Baur School were awarded the “2010 State Youth Prize” from the State of Mexico, given by Dr. Eruviel Avila Villegas for their Project, Domestic Growing of Mushrooms (Pleurotus sp) as a food alternative.

Major of Naucalpan, Lic. David Sánchez Guevara, will take this project to the most vulnerable communities

Community of El Bothe in the County of Amealco

Students presented their sustainable projects in El Bothe Community, turning their ideas into practice to improve situation of less-favored communities. They taught Otomí women the different techniques to cultivate plants, farming snails and growing mushrooms, and gave some food exhibition for the latter. Regarding each project, pupils explained the advantages, especially concerning proper nourishment for all community members and contributed to the inhabitants self-sustenance.

High school pupils reinitiated social action in El Bothe Community

High school pupils reinitiated social action in El Bothe community that in Otomí language means: the Place where water or springs flow. Today, Saturday August 17, all projects done in May were revised. A census was begun to learn the community needs; with this information diagnose will be made to obtain the best impact for this site.

Second visit to Amealco community

High school pupils continue with their field job in Amealco community; it is the second visit to this community from the snail-farming work-shop.

Census on El Bothe Amealco Community

Pupils taught community women the way to take care of snails so that they grow healthy and can be edible, and made a census to determine how many families are benefited with the projects.

Women from Amealco Community received our pupils with a delicious brunch, to thank them for the support they are receiving from them.