Migration problem is difficult to study because migrants move permanently. Our students have committed to defend Human Rights of these people with no papers, seeking for a better tomorrow.

Our pupils, because of their academic background and through their experience, represent their country in National and International Congresses in favor of Migrant Rights, where they have been awarded the prize PLURAL + Youth video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion from UNESCO.

United Nations Student Conference

2006 Student Conference on Human Rights December 1, 2006

Organized by UN DPI in association with: UN Asociation of USA – ASPnet/USA – InterConnections 21 – Global Education Motivators (GEM), USA – Fundación Cultural Baur, Mexico.

Bernardo Rivera was elected unanimously as Chairperson and Tania Cádiz as Moderator both from Carol Baur School.

Young Mexicans from Carol Baur School represented our country in UN during 2006 Student Conference on Human Rights, in New York, last December.

Our pupil Bernardo Rivera was in the pódium with H.E. Sheika Haya Rashed, President of the Assembly, and Mr. Raymond Sommereyns, Director of the Department of Public Information.

Youth congress of the Americas

Plural + Global Block Award, UNESCO

Youth video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion

To Issac Zuñiga, César González, Erick Möller, Erik Aguilar, Emilio Cabra, Jorge Alcalá and Gustavo Pérez.

We are glad to inform that, “One Day as a Migrant”, was selected by Global Block Foundation to receive PLURAL+ 2012 Award. The Prize giving Ceremony took place on December 6 in the “Paley Center for Media” in Nueva York.