Globalization programs

Carol Baur School belongs to the 25 Young Leaders of the World Schools. Through Congresses, it takes to the International population of each nation, represented by its students, the projects related to the problems in each country so, everybody together, can reach viable solutions.

The commitment that our young students acquire when they are given an opportunity to attend conferences, congresses and workshops with other country’s students, creates a coalition of committed minds to take knowledge at the service of humanity.


UN Conference, N.Y. – GEM – Carol Baur School UN in Your World: The MDGs: How important they are?

Dialogue on Achieving a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

50 Aniversario de la NASA La facultad de Ingeniaria de la UNAM y el Colegio Carol Baur representando a México


UN Conference for Human Rights Students

Since 1998 I was co-sponsor of the Conferences.

Our pupils at Carol Baur School and the Carol Baur Foundation have participated with interesting contributions and with excellent knowledge of the given debate themes.

1998 United Nations Student Conference on the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1999 Culture of Peace in the New Millennium

2000 Student Conference on Human Rights at the United Nations 2000.

2001 Acknowledging Diversity and Promoting Respect:Fostering a Dialogue Among Civilizations.

2002 Sustainable Development and Human Rights: A Better Future for All.

2003 Education for All.

2004 HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: from Awareness to action.

2005 Water as a Human Right.

2006 Migration and Development: Challenges for Human Rights.

2007 Recognizing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

2012 The Future We Want: A Better World through HumanRights.

In this event an average of 400 students from all around the world participate.

The students have committed to get involved in activities that result in solving UN agenda problems.

The United Nations International School, (UNIS), New York 39TH Annual UNIS-UN Conference, 2013 United Nations General Assembly Hall

A select group of High School students from Carol Baur School travelled las March 7 to New York City to attend the UNIS UN Conference that took place in UN General Assembly. This year’s theme was Modern Youthquake: A Generation’s Impact.

The objective of this conference was to present different perspectives on the influence of young people actual generation around the World and to investigate its multiple sides, and at the same time, encourage participants to develop objectively their points of view about the theme.

Our students, besides having the opportunity to meet young students from different countries, had leisure time to walk the City, visiting museums and important landmarks, as well as attending the theatre.

BIMUN, Baur International Model United Nations

1998-2013 BIMUN opens a space for children and teenagers so, by means of debate, a social service commitment is developed that, through actions, will transcend in transforming the XXI Century needs. The Millennium Goals, where ideals of United Nations require our collaboration, headed for a Culture of Peace.

Nowadays it is not enough to raise our voice to be listened to, now it is time to create a new order of equity among men, people and nations and, above all, to create a world that is more fair and gives better opportunities, that is why we applaud the initiative that promotes a world where the physical, ideological and social differences will not continue to be a barrier.

Today, more than ever, our country and our World need commitment to achieve a real change and only uniting thoughts, spirit and action, through education, we will be able to transform our children and teenagers, and make their noble soul emerge.

Baur System

Baur System recognized as the first Mexican educational system in Europe

As president of Carol Baur Foundation, I had the opportunity of presenting to the authorities from Liceo Europeo Marco Foscarini and the Ministry of Education of Rome, the Baur System, a pedagogic method scientifically backed, which practice permits to live the knowledge, discover and enjoy learning and provokes action.

The purpose is being able to carry knowledge to the service of Mankind, sustained in Human Rights principles of the magna carta of United Nations to live in a Culture of Peace.

This system proposes some of the best alternatives, experiences and didactic activities with the purpose of stimulating neuronal circuits of the brain, responsible for cognition, emotions, creativity, memory and all kinds of permanent learning in the pupil.