United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights

Carol Baur School has been co-sponsor of UNSCHR United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights since 1999 until 2008 when the Public Information Department of United Nations Organization, New York, formally extended an invitation to the General Director of the Carol Baur School to form part of the organizing group. This Conference gathers each year hundreds of students and teachers from all over the world.

Save a child from HIV / AIDS

During the Student Human Rights Conference, “HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: From Awarness to Action 2004”, the students carried out the “Declaration of Rights for Children with Aids.”

By means of this program we try to detect and help pregnant women affected with HIV/AIDS, avoiding mother to child transmission. With this program pregnant mothers are helped during pregnancy and especially, during child birth. Additionally, during the first two years of the baby, special milk is provided, as well as a monthly food provision for the family. Besides this, mothers are helped during their pregnancy with the cost of transportation for medical appointments and later, with the cost of transportation for their babies medical appointments, as well as lab tests that are necessary to make sure babies are healthy, virus-free. To be sure of this, lab tests are done to verify that anti-bodies from the mother have disappeared in the baby. And to close, mothers are taught how to make some articles that they can sell; in this way they earn some money for their expenses, because it is very difficult for infected people to get a formal job.

Hearing Impairment Project

Commission of Deaf People in the State of Queretaro

Carol Baur School, organizer of BIMUN, Queretaro, Baur International Model United Nations, for the first time invites to participate a group of young people from the deaf-mute community of Queretaro State.

Students participated as interpreters of sign language. “To take knowledge at the service of Man”

Students of sign language workshop attended a social work session as interpreters for the event in which low-income people from the county of Corregidora were given hearing aids. This event was organized by Rotary Club, Starkey Hearing Foundation in US and IAP Andale para Oir. Pupils participated as interpreters for English speakers, as well as interpreters for sign language. They appear in the picture with the wife of Antonio Zapata, major of Corregidora, Mrs. Rosa de Alba de Zapata.

Project Inclusion of Children with Different Disabilities

Helping the CRIQ

The Center for Integral Rehabilitation has as its only purpose the total recovery of disabled people. This is possible through physical, language and neurologic therapy, gym, job-agency and ortesis and prosthesis.

Party for Children with Different Disabilities

A child smile is the biggest remembrance of God’s purity and of true happiness. Our children and teens have the fortune of mixing with disabled children, and they prepare a special day with games and activities, reminding them of the importance of kindness and how easy it is to see a smile in another face, but above all, how gratifying is to live this experience.

Thank you Teachers, thank you Parents for giving our pupils the opportunity to discover happiness through service.

“It is not what you have in your hands for you but what you have in your soul to give.”